Starfinder Society Scenario 3-08 - Fleeting Truth-The Darkside Depository


A Starfinder Society Scenario designed for levels 9-12.

The Starfinder Society’s mysterious amalgam intelligence, Guidance, brings together a group of the Society’s most senior agents for a dangerous mission. An important secret from the Starfinder Society’s past is stored in a data vault on the darkside of Verces, and it must be retrieved at any cost. However, the arrival of a contingent of Hellknights keen on destroying the data complicates the clandestine mission and the PCs must pull out all the stops in order to retrieve the data before it melts under the fires of the infernally-inspired attackers!

Content in Fleeting Truth is an ongoing series of adventures set in the Year of Exploration’s Edge. These high-level adventures are intended to be milestone adventures for experienced characters, and will reveal important secrets relating to the Starfinder Society and the Pact Worlds. While it is encouraged to begin with this adventure, the adventures in the Fleeting Truth series can be played in any order.

Written by: Kendra Leigh Speedling

Scenario tags: None

Starfinder Society Scenario 3-08 - Fleeting Truth-The Darkside Depository

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