Starfinder Society Scenario 2-18 - Forbidden Tides


A Starfinder Society Scenario designed for levels 7-10 (subtiers 7-8 & 9-10).

After the Starfinder Society made first contact with the morlamaws of Arniselle, the walrus-like people of that world have worked alongside several Pact Worlds organizations to explore their homeworld and other planets beyond. Recently, a group of radical morlamaws was discovered to have been working with an individual opposed to the Society’s interests. The PCs travel to Arniselle to follow-up on this group’s activities and link it back to the mysterious ysoki known as Datch. The truth behind these morlamaws is beyond comprehension, and threatens all life on Arniselle and beyond!

Written by: Kate Baker

Scenario tags: Faction (Exo-Guardians)

Starfinder Society Scenario 2-18 - Forbidden Tides

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