Pathfinder Society Scenario 2-01 - Citadel of Corruption


A Pathfinder Society Scenario designed for levels 1–4.

A new year dawns for the Pathfinder Society. For the past several years, Pathfinders have explored the edges of the Iobarian wilderness, making new allies and discovering hints at a long-forgotten past. Now, the Decemvirate has decided that it is time for the Pathfinders to do what Pathfinders do best: explore, report, and cooperate! In an ancient cyclopean ruin, the Society seeks to stake their claim with both a new lodge and, hopefully, new insights into Iobaria’s remote history. Some secrets are best left buried, however. Will the PCs make a name for themselves as modern day explorers, or will the evil lurking at the heart of the Iobarian dig site consume their hopes and dreams?

Written by Scott D. Young

Scenario tags: Metaplot

Pathfinder Society Scenario 2-01 - Citadel of Corruption

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