Grimmnir is a dragon mage, a scion of draconic magic who almost all kobolds respect and honor. At least, that’s what Grimmnir claims. Other Hookclaws have noticed that her magic doesn’t seem much like that of other kobold dragon mages. To put it simply, Grimmnir is… creepy. Where dragons pulse with arcane power and unfettered charisma, Grimmnir’s sorcery has always felt foreboding and hateful, laced with a shivering chill of damnation that crawls up the spine and chews on the back of the mind. Grimmnir always gets very scary and glows her eyes whenever anyone brings it up, though, so the Hookclaws keep their mouths shut and don’t argue with her.

Grimmnir pays them little mind. She knows she is a true child of dragons. Ever since she was a hatchling, Grimmnir has dreamed of them: world-ending wyrms that lurk in the deepest recesses of reality, beneath the waves and beyond the universe, who gnaw on the roots of existence and will rise up from the depths at the end of days. Yet though that destructive power is her legacy, Grimmnir has decided not to follow in those great wyrms’ footsteps—not completely. The kobold has performed a careful consideration of all the pros and cons, and decided that destroying the world would be both personally inconvenient and more trouble than it’s worth.

All the same, Grimmnir feels compelled to embrace her destiny to become one of the devourers of worlds, even if she never actually does any world-devouring. In her mind, this means growing much, much taller, and building her strength through any means possible. Despite cramming herself full of food and other brilliant ideas, the kobold has had no luck increasing her height, so she has been forced to turn all her efforts to self-improvement. To this end, Grimmnir has joined the kobold militia, intending to turn her acid-tipped claws and fearsome bite against whatever obstacles she encounters. The Hookclaws appreciate her prowess at protecting the tribe—and appreciate it even more when Grimmnir is out on patrol and thus nowhere to be seen!


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