Thuvian Blakros


Thuvian Blakros
Male Human (Garundi) Sorcerer 8
NG Medium Humanoid (human)
Init +5; Senses Perception +10


AC 14, touch 13, flat-footed 11 (+1 armor, +3 Dex)
hp 50 (8d6+16)
Fort +4, Ref +5, Will +6; +2 resistance bonus vs. poison


Speed 30 ft.
Melee +1 Spear +5 (1d8+1/x3) and
   Bite (Serpent’s Fangs) +4 (1d4/x2)
Special Attacks serpent’s magic fang + poison (1d2 con) (8 rounds/
Spell-Like Abilities Serpentfriend (At will)
Sorcerer Spells Known (CL 8):
4 (4/day) Overwhelming Grief (DC 21)
3 (6/day) Summon Monster III, Hold Person (DC 20), Haste, Pugwampi’s Grace (DC 20)
2 (7/day) Oppressive Boredom (DC 19), Delay Poison, Hideous Laughter (DC 19), See Invisibility, Knock, Pilfering Hand, Qualm (DC 19)
1 (8/day) Expeditious Retreat, Hypnotism (DC 18), Delusional Pride (DC 18), Magic Missile, Burning Hands (DC 16), Charm Person (DC 18), Disguise Self, Lock Gaze (DC 18), Unprepared Combatant (DC 18)
0 (at will) Haunted Fey Aspect, Disrupt Undead, Acid Splash, Open/Close (DC 15), Daze (DC 17), Mending, Read Magic, Mage Hand, Detect Magic, Ghost Sound (DC 15), Prestidigitation (DC 15)


Str 10, Dex 16, Con 14, Int 14, Wis 11, Cha 21
Base Atk +4; CMB +4; CMD 17 (19 vs. Bull Rush, 19 vs. Grapple, 19 vs. Reposition, 19 vs. Trip)
Feats Deceitful, Eschew Materials, Expanded Arcana (Sorcerer), Greater Spell Focus (Enchantment), Noble Scion of War, Spell Focus (Enchantment), Spell Penetration
Traits Cosmopolitan (Absalom), Fast-Talker
Skills Bluff +22, Diplomacy +14, Disguise +7, Knowledge (arcana) +11, Knowledge (history) +3, Linguistics +8, Perception +10, Sense Motive +2, Spellcraft +8, Use Magic Device +14
Languages Aklo, Common, Dwarven, Jistka, Osiriani, Osiriani, Ancient
SQ +3 to bluff checks, bloodlines (serpentine), deliver touch spells through familiar, empathic link with familiar, share spells with familiar, speak with familiar
Combat Gear Wand of Cure Light Wounds; Other Gear +1 Spear, Handy haversack (14 @ 25.5 lbs), Headband of alluring charisma +2, Ioun stone (clear spindle), Ioun stone (scarlet and blue sphere) (Perception), Ioun torch, Pauldrons of the serpent, Sleeves of many garments, Snakeskin tunic, Backpack, masterwork (empty), Bedroll, Belt pouch (3 @ 0 lbs), Charcoal stick, Flask, Flint and steel, Silk rope, Trail rations (10), 7193 GP


+1 Spear – 0/1
Serpent’s Magic Fang + Poison (1d2 CON) (8 rounds/day) (DC 16) (Ex) – 0/8
Serpentfriend (At will) (Ex) – 0/0
Trail rations – 0/10
Wand of Cure Light Wounds – 0/50

Special Abilities

+3 to Bluff checks You gain the Alertness feat while your familiar is within arm’s reach.
Cosmopolitan (Absalom) You gain a +1 trait bonus on Linguistics checks, and Linguistics is always a class skill for you.
Deliver Touch Spells Through Familiar (Su) Your familiar can deliver touch spells for you.
Empathic Link with Familiar (Su) You have an empathic link with your Arcane Familiar.
Eschew Materials Cast spells without materials, if component cost is 1 gp or less.
Greater Spell Focus (Enchantment) +1 to the Save DC of spells from one school.
Ioun stone (clear spindle) Sustains bearer without food or water.
Ioun torch This item is merely a burned out, dull gray ioun stone with a continual flame spell cast upon it. It retains the ability to float and orbit, and allows the bearer to carry light and still have his hands free. It may be in any crystalline shape common to ioun stones (ellipsoid, prism, sphere, and so on).
Pauldrons of the serpent +2 to AC vs Attacks of Opportunity.
Serpent’s Magic Fang + Poison (1d2 CON) (8 rounds/day) (DC 16) (Ex) Bite attack (magic) deals 1d4 damage + Poison (Bite-injury; DC 16; frequency 1/round for 6 rounds; effect 1d2 Con damage; cure 2 saves)
Serpentfriend (At will) (Ex) Speak with Animals (reptilian) at will.
Serpentine Your mind-affecting and language-dependent spells can affect animals, magical beasts and monstrous humanoids as if they were humanoids who understand your language.
Share Spells with Familiar Can cast spells with a target of “You” on the familiar with a range of touch.
Sleeves of many garments Transform current clothes into any non-magical new form.
Snakeskin tunic +2 save vs. poison
Speak With Familiar (Ex) You can communicate verbally with your familiar.
Spell Focus (Enchantment) Spells from one school of magic have +1 to their save DC.
Wand of Cure Light Wounds Add this item to create a wand of a chosen spell.

Thuvian Blakros

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