Agatha Tyche

A beautiful Osiron witch that seeks only to increase her own knowledge and power.


Level 1 Half-Elf Witch Neutral STR 7 DEX 11 CON 10 INT 20 WIS 7 CHA 16

HP 7 SPEED 30 AC 10


CMB -2 CMD 8

Skills: Craft Alchemy 9, Diplomacy 8(9), Intimidate 7, Knowledge Arcana 9, Knowledge Planes 9, Spellcraft 9, Use Magic Device 7

FEATS: Iron Will

Traits: Ease of Faith, Charming

Notable Special Abilities: Sociable

Hexes: Evil Eye

Gear: Light Crossbow, 30 bolts, Longspear, Backpack, Flint and Steel, Tent, Silk Rope 50’, Artisan’s Clothing


Agatha Tyche, or Good Fortune is beautiful girl from the desert oasis of Osiron. No one knows of her true origin as she was raised by a merchant family that is not her own. Her foster father told her that she simply emerged from the still waters of the most beautiful oasis in all of Osiron. She has strange magically quality to her character and is able to access the marvelous powers of a witch.

Agatha Tyche

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